Month: August 2020

Pilates Reformer on the Mat – series starts Sept. 17th

Pilates Reformer On The Mat 4-Week Live Online Class Series w/ Diana Meets every Thursday at 5:30pm 9/17-10/8 Using a combination of light weights and a theraband this class will recreate the reformer workout you love from home. Translating reformer exercises to the mat will allow you to understand your favorite exercises in a new […]

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Pilates For Pain Management & Pain Relief – series starts Sept. 18th

4-Week Live Online Class Series w/ MelMeets every Friday at 12pm 9/18-10/9 This series intends to not only reduce pain, but also address the root causes of pain. You can expect a blend of restorative movements with strength and activation based exercises to reduce improper muscle compensations. Throughout the series we will dive deeper into […]

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Pilates For Golfers – Tuesday, Sept. 15th @ 6:30p

– Live Online Workshop – A full golf swing involves almost every muscle and joint in the body, and in the average game, you can expect to take around 130+ swings! In this class, we’ll break down some golf-specific Pilates exercises, and teach you some movement drills to strengthen your core, increase distance in your […]

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