The Hips Don’t Lie Workshop – Sat. Sept 23rd

Unlock your hips to improve your movement, feel better and get rid of or prevent pain!

Hosted by Jamie Bovay (DPT, MTC, CSCS), from KinetikChain Denver

Sticky hips can lead to all sorts of problems. Maybe you can’t move the way you want to, squat the way you want to, or workout the way you want to. Maybe those hips are leading to pain and stiffness in your back, knees, or elsewhere. But how can you know if they are the problem and what to do about it? Well, Introducing the “Hips Don’t Lie” workshop!

Learn self assessments for hip quality and quantity of range of motion and how to improve not only in your mobility, but also in your workouts, and ease or prevent stiffness and pain from your day. Movements and exercises will be given for soft tissue and joint mobility limitations as well as exercises to lock in the changes you will notice within this fun movement

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in improving hip mobility and hip movements, squatting and performing better and preventing pain. Movement practitioners wanting more tools for their clients. 

When: Sat. Sept. 23rd 1:00p – 2:30p

Where: Axis Pilates (1138 E. 6th Ave., Denver 80218)

Cost: $25