Workshop: Q&A Perimenopause/Menopause

Saturday, May 4TH

Did you know perimenopausal symptoms can start as early as 35 and continue for 7-12 years? Did you know symptoms can be felt all over the body and include mood changes, sleep disturbance, increase pain and brain fog? And, most importantly, did you know there are many safe and effective treatment options available and women certainly do not need to suffer!

Meet up with Dr. Caitlin, naturopathic doctor and host of perimenopausal podcast “The Change” to review this critical, but misunderstood phase of life.

We will spend time reviewing the physiology of perimenopause, common and not so common symptoms, red flags and vast array of treatment options available. Then there will be plenty of time for an intimate discussion and Q and A session.

Feel free to submit questions ahead of time with the option to remain anonymous if preferred. With over 15 years clinical experience, Dr. Caitlin has heard it all and no topic is too embarrassing or off-limits for discussion.

Where: Axis Pilates

When: Saturday, May 4th 12;30-2p

Cost: Use a class credit from your existing membership or drop in rate of $35 (contact the studio at for a drop in reservation)