Pelvic Floor & Perimenopause/Menopause


Saturday, Nov. 12th @ 12:30-2p

What’s a hormone have to do with it? Please join us for an interactive workshop on pelvic floor and perimenopause/menopause 

Other than having hot flashes and night sweats, are you aware of the numerous other symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause? For example, women can also experience memory loss, numbness and tingling, heart palpitations, and joint aches and pains. Women can spend between 10-15 years in peri-menopause experiencing symptoms prior to menopause, which occurs at the average age of 51.

Physical therapist and Pilates instructor, Dr. Julie Millar is here to share her insight into caring for your body during this transitory period for women. She will also discuss the science as it relates to hormonal transition during perimenopause and its link to pelvic floor health and exercise. 

*by the way, men are welcome to attend also….especially the ones who have women in their lives

Cost: $20