March MATness Challenge

Complete 10 online Axis Pilates classes in March and not only feel amazing, but give back to the Denver community you love! 

Step 1: Sign up by March 1st to participate. Once you sign up you’ll be automatically entered into one of two teams each representing a different local charity.

Step 2: Check out our online schedule and get registered for your classes. Use your current online Axis membership or package. We are also offering a special Unlimited Online Class Package for $149!

Step 3: Your team will receive 1 point for every virtual mat class you take in March. Don’t worry about tracking your classes, we can do that on our end.

Each charity will receive a donation equal to the points accumulated by your entire team for the month of March. Get your friends and family involved for this fun challenge. Hold each other accountable to get your classes in and to donate more to your team’s charity!

Regardless of your team effort, if you individually accomplish your challenge of 10 classes in March, you’ll receive an Axis Pilates March Matness Challenge Shirt!!