Suzie Stevenson

Pilates Instructor - Pink Ribbon CPT

Suzie received her Comprehensive Teacher Training Certificate from Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates). She also has specialized training from The Pink Ribbon Program and Pre and Post natal training from the Ellie Herman Studio in San Francisco. She holds a BA in Operations Management from CU Boulder.
Suzie was first introduced to Pilates as a gymnast when she was a young child in Cincinnati, OH. The Pilates mat work was used as a conditioning tool for her gymnastics team. Later, she was re-introduced to Pilates after she had to have abdominal surgery as a college student. Her doctor recommended that she use Pilates to help rehabilitate her abdominal muscles, and after a short period of time, she saw that the physical and mental benefits of Pilates were unbelievable. After realizing that the corporate world was not her calling, she decided to get her teaching certification so that she could help others discover the many perks of a consistent Pilates practice.
As a practitioner and trainer , Suzie is continuously inspired by how pilates re-educates and heals the body. She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels, as well teaching Pilates for rehabilitation. She has experience working with people with MS, adolescents, pre and post natal, as well as athletes looking to gain a competitive edge. Suzie likes to make each class challenging, but also encourages her clients to have fun, and to enjoy pilates and all of its benefits.