Stephanie O’Leary

Pilates Instructor

For Stephanie O’Leary, the most rewarding aspect of exercise is the application to everyday life.  A decade ago, she began a consistent Pilates and functional fitness routine to help combat her joint pain and instability, and gradually reached more and more “a-ha!” moments when she realized she could effortlessly perform day-to-day activities that previously caused struggle and discomfort.  With an emphasis on core strength, joint stability, and balance (and of course, some fun cardio moves for good measure!), she now helps clients find their own best levels of strength and awareness for fit, fun, and functional living!

Originally hailing from Zanesville, Ohio, Stephanie most recently lived in Chicago for nearly a decade, where she delved into Pilates and fitness alongside her career in higher education. From there, Stephanie honed her practice by becoming a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer. She is excited to continue teaching and practicing here in Denver with you the Axis Pilates community!