Rachel Ruby

Studio Manager/Pilates Instructor

Rachel has always had a passion for Body Movement.  She started dancing in grade school, was a cheerleader in high school and college, and began teaching group fitness classes during her senior year of high school.

After seeing Pilates transform the bodies of some of her friends and colleagues, she finally tried it for herself and was immediately hooked.  She quickly realized that it made her stronger in all her other fitness activities, but her love and appreciation for the Pilates method peaked during her first pregnancy.  Not only did Pilates help eliminate her back pain and other common pregnancy ailments, but it was the only form of exercise she could continue in the final weeks before her delivery (she even attended a session on her due date!) and helped her to regain her core strength post-partum.

Rachel then decided to blend her love of Pilates and exercise instruction by pursuing her comprehensive Pilates Certification with an extensive 480 hour Classical Pilates training program through Pilates Place in Los Angeles. Rachel loves to teach challenging, well-rounded sessions with an athletic edge.