Abi Johnson

Pilates Instructor

Abi is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist and was born and raised here in Colorado. Growing up in a very active family and playing many sports, movement has always been a huge part of her life. She decided to pursue a Health Sciences – Fitness Wellness (AKA Exercise Physiology) degree in college after changing her major from neuroscience when she realized what a positive impact movement can have on your overall health. This realization opened her eyes to new ways to help, educate, and more importantly, empower people.

Graduating from Northern Arizona University and originally intending on pursuing Occupational Therapy school, Abi’s plans changed during her senior year after getting diagnosed with a chronic health condition and realizing you can rehab people‚Äôs bodies in a similar way with Pilates from being an intern at a studio in Flagstaff.

Abi went on to complete a Contemporary Pilates Mat and Comprehensive Pilates Apparatus certification from a small, contemporary studio in Centennial called The Ground. Building bodily-awareness and encouraging modifications to make sure the movement is comfortable for each individual, are key points in her classes. She prides herself on her ability to create a welcoming and safe environment with detail-oriented cues! Alignment and form-focused Pilates has been transformational in her own journey to wellness, health, and learning how to better support her body with her new diagnosis. Abi is super excited to have the opportunity to share that same experience with our community and continue learning about the endless world of Pilates herself.